song playback bug

song playback bug








Lenovo tab m7

Operating System

Android 9 Pie


My Question or Issue  

So i bought a brand new cheap Lenovo Tab m7  to install into a car dash as a replacement head-unit, I've installed spotify as of today but have this bug that doesn't make any sense to me. 


The bug: I select my playlist and choose a song everything is fine, the song plays fine, when the next song comes on it has no audio and will count up in time like its playing INDEFINITELY, if i skip anywhere into the song it plays the song fine but if i skip into it again it has no audio and can count up in time indefinitely, if i skip to the next song while no audio is playing it will play the next song but if i skip song again it won't play and if i skip again it will play ect. it seems every second touch on the device causes the audio to not play and count up in playback time indefinitely. 


Things i have done:

restart the device

re-install spotify

clear cache and storage

log in log out

disable battery optimization 


I can take a video and provide a youtube/streamable link if my information wasn't clear enough. I appreciate your help thank you for taking your time to read

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Here's a link to a video anyway showing the issue > Video link 

again I will be using this as a car headunit and I do not want to have to take my eyes off the road to mess with the songs.


I also got the M7 tablet, making my own Flutter App using Spotify API i have tested quite some devices. This device do not handle Spotify.. I called the Norwegian Lenovo support. But those people told me to contact Spotify.. 


Have you gotten any feedback fram Spotify?


I had a chat with someone from spotify and we concluded the issue is the hardware. Doesn't seem like the m7 was manufactured to support Spotify, funnily enough I got told to contact Lenovo but I've accepted defeat at this point.

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