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spotify causes galaxy s7 to crash randomly

spotify causes galaxy s7 to crash randomly

hi everyone, 

I have been using spotify for the last few years and never ran into major problems but now I have found that my samsung galaxy s7 crashes randomly.

My phone's screen will just go black, vibrate and then it shows the galaxy s7 logo and it restarts.

I know it's spotify that causes it because, after booting in safe mode and deleting the app, all issues were resolved.

I have already tried the following:

  • wipe cache partition
  • uninstalled spotify and reinstalled on both internal storage and sd card
  • full wipe/factory reset

After the factory reset, things were better but after a week I now have frequent crashes. 

I don't know what else to do, I use spotify everyday (premium user) and I really can't miss it...


some extra information

phone model: SM-G930F

Android: v7.0

Spotify: v8.0.0.805

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I'm in the same boat; phone will be working flawlessly, and then something activates Spotify, and the whole phone is basically put on lock down. I can't get the screen to turn on unless I spam the home and power button over and over and over again, and even then, I may have to hard reset the phone to get it to work. I found out months ago that deleting the cache was the way to go, but now it does nothing for me.

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