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spotify has erased all albums and downloaded files

spotify has erased all albums and downloaded files


Today spotify has erased all albums and downloaded files on my SD card from my tablet, I do not know why. I had connected to the Internet in the last 30 days more than once, so I do not know what happened. Then I entered spotify and has tried to download again all I had but I stopped downloading because it was too much to download. Now I have to download everything again.
I hope you can help me. Thanks and regards.

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Thank you, I will see if it works.

Helo there, in case anyone is still having this issue I want to comment on how I got it fixed.

Issue: When downloading albums the mobile app showed them as being downloaded and after finishing, half an hour later every downloaded song was gone, as if it had never been downloaded in the first place.

I even switched phones and this kept happening, using my same premium spotify user.


My way to solve it:

I noticed that when trying to download some albums, I got the "Epic collection, friend..." message, the one i got when i reached the limit of saved songs/albums.

So I deleted the app cache, uninstalled it, restarted the phone and then reinstalled it and started removing albums from my saved collection (do not confuse with the downloaded albums) and voila, since then, I've been able to download and maintain the downloaded songs.


I hope this helps someone being annoyed by Spotify's stupid bugs as I was.

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