stuck on loading

stuck on loading


Spotify app keeps loading playlists, songs, albums,...nothing appears, always stuck on the green loading cricle. Rebooting didn't help. Re installed spotify, chose log in. Stuck on log in screen, again with the endless loop of green circle loading. Rebooted again now its just black screen with only the 3 lines menu in upper left corner showing.


This problem does not occur on tablet with kitkat


How to fix this?

Plz help


I have Galaxy s4 mini with 4.2.2 + latest spotify for android

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Me too.  I have a rooted Nokia X with Google apps and it seems like I have the exact same problem.  My phone also fails to turn off (stuck on a gray screen due to the Spotify app). 😞


Happening to me as well. Anyone find a solution?


@kitchenrocking wrote:

Happening to me as well. Anyone find a solution?

A clean install is the normal solution for this type of error. Follow the guide below:

[GUIDE] How to fix common issues for Spotify on Android

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Restarted my Roku and did a fresh install to no avail. I still can't listen to my favorite playlist (I'm a paying customer and can't listen to the music I subscribed to)!

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