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the artist i listened to the most isn't showing on my top artist

the artist i listened to the most isn't showing on my top artist

i was just wondering if is it because he has only released one song that's why he didn't appear? i tried different uhm sites to look for my top artists but he isn't appearing anywhere. thank you. the artist is natori (なとり) by the way. 

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  • the artist is natori (なとり) he only has one song which is Overdose. That's so the album name. Sorry for the question I was just curious. Because the artist I listened to in the same time as him appeared on my top artists but he didnt.


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The fact that they have only one release shouldn't matter. The Top Artists list is automatically generated based on multiple factors. You might not be seeing Natori if you just recently started listening to them on Spotify, as Top Artists counts the total listening time to certain content since the creation of your account.


Hope this info clears things up.





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I see, thank you. What confuses me is that some artists I listened to at the same time as him apperead in my top artists but he didn't. For example, Vaundy. I actually listened to him later than Natori but he's one of my top artists.

Also, I've been listening to Natori for quite a while. 


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