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the new mobile update is hot trash

the new mobile update is hot trash







Samsung Galaxy8



who okays this kind of stuff? who looks at an update that clearly makes things more difficult to use AND removes features, and thinks "yea this is great".


10/10 awful points.


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Hey @deric30 and welcome to the Community.


Hope you're doing great!


Spotify recently pushed an update to the Spotify users which changes the Your Library UI and the way it works. Check this Spotify Answer to learn more about the changes to Your Library.


They're always testing and launching improvements and new features, you can learn more here why.


However, if you don't like the new look, please head over to this idea and add your +VOTE. You can always add your own input in the comments there as well 🙂


If you'd like more info on how the Ideas Exchange works, check more here.

Have a nice day 🙂

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