tmobile htc one m8 not working on 4g lte?


tmobile htc one m8 not working on 4g lte?


if i wana use spotify outside i have to put my phone on 4g, if it is set to 4g lte it says im not online? 

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Gig Goer

It's a known issue with HTC M8 on Tmobile. They refuse to fix or acknowledge the problem. Here's the email I sent to the c-level. It's my THIRD email with no responses from them. Check out the other threads as well =


to support, Nicholas, Charlie, Chug
Hi Team,
I hate to do this again, but it's that time of year.
Where is the update? Where is the communication with the Spotify community. You no doubt know that this is a big issue now with Internet Connectivity.
Can we run through how customer service works again please? I'm the customer and you're supposed to service me/product if something goes wrong, correct?
Is there a reason for the stonewalling? Is it that you don't have it worked out? Is it that you're just trapped under all that money 🙂 and letting your low level employees deal with the blow out?

Gig Goer
Any updates here?