unable to advance song with bluetooth controller?


unable to advance song with bluetooth controller?

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I have the bose soundsport headphones and pixel 2 XL. Am able to use the button on the headphones to advance the songs no problem on Google play music.  However, this doesnt work on spotify.


I did a search of the forums and some someone recommended enabling all the permissions for the app- I did that, no luck. Does it have anything to do with a free subscription I am using for now while I try it out?

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Same on my Pixel 2 XL, if the screen is off then the "next" button from the Bluetooth device does not work after two or three times. The music stops and does not reconnect until I manually wake the device, open Spofity and restart manually the song.

Tested from my car and from my Bluetooth headphones. Same bug.

This does not happen if I use Google Play Music so it seems a Spotify issue (maybe with Android 9).

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We're receiving reports from a few users having issues with skipping music when using their USB-C connected Pixel headphones. However if you are reporting the same issue but with Bluetooth headphones, it might not be limited to just a certain type of headphones.


We are collecting information from affected users here. Feel free to contribute and we'll further investigate.


Thanks! Let us know if you have further questions.


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