Right, I know it says you can't use your mobile with spotify, unless you have a premium account...

But I got my new HTC sensation XL last friday, downloaded spotify on monday and for few days, it streamed music I didn't have perfectly,i'm aware  of some sort of 48 hour trial for the mobile version.


yesterday it wouldn't let me play music streaming, at all. saying that I needed a premium account... 


But then today (still on a free account) it started to stream music for a little again... then came back up with this premium message?


since this has happened, would it be neccessary to have a premium account? or could I use a unlimited version? plus I can't afford £10 a month on a premium, But would just be able to spare £5 a month as i'm in college still.


it just really confused me!


But thanks in advance for when a moderator see's this! 



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