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30 minutes of "ad free" music.


30 minutes of "ad free" music.

I know I get what I get with free spotify, but I have to call something out.


I find it to be extremely annoying, as well as a lie, when I am told to enjoy 30 minutes of ad free music (from a playlist I have compiled), but am then advertised to with music from popular artists (whose works are completely far from what I listen to, jpop), and other such popular pieces. If my playlist isn't suddenly jumped by Swift, it's bombarded with Bieber and Styles. Not too long after Encanto's soundtrack started topping charts, guess what? My 30 minutes of "ad free" music was interrupted with Surface Pressure. Christmas time? Expect your curated playlist to advertise carols to you. How can you call it ad free when you are advertising the latest hits to me instead of just giving me 30 minutes of music that I have compiled. If you're going to do that, then why give the option of making a playlist anyway?

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