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Ability to view all songs downloaded, not JUST playlists, artists, or albums.


Ability to view all songs downloaded, not JUST playlists, artists, or albums.


Why you have chosen to not offer a "songs" tab under my library is beyond me. It's irritating. BUT, it's even more irritation when I am browsing public playlists and I notice that songs I had previously liked, are no longer liked. How do I know? I have set my entire "Liked Songs" playlist to download and that's the only thing I have set to download. nothing else. So I am coming across songs that show it's been downloaded (and I know at one point I definitely hit "like" on them), but they are not liked. My biggest suspicion is there was a licence dispute, the song was removed from spotify, then later restored. Regardless of the cause, the fact that I can't view songs in my library that have been downloaded to my device unless its a playlist, by artist, or by album, means that I have to HOPE that I come across some of my more niche music that I may have forgotten about to be able to re-like it. If I could, I would spend the time going back down the 3000 songs and re-like those that have been restored to Spotify's catalog. On of the reasons I was such a late adopter to spotify, is because of how hard and inconsistent it was early on (and still somewhat is) to find new or undiscovered music in the genres I follow. Then you added artist radio in 2018 and it got a lot better as you worked out the bugs, and what finally got me to make the switch from Amazon was how AMAZINGLY well done the device to device app integration is. I like all my music. Most of the time, I just want to hit "play all". Adding the ability to filter music by different attributes or see all of my music does not kill the golden simplicity of spotify. I may not have the best solution to the problem, but it is a problem. 


Thank you for your time Spotify Team,


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