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Ads on Premium User podcast streams


Ads on Premium User podcast streams

Earlier today, a podcast stream I listened to was interrupted mid-sentence by an approximately 30-second ad. This was not an integrated ad-read by the podcasters themselves but a third-party ad, very similar to those played on free Spotify. This is the first time it happened to me, but a quick google search showed that this has been common practice on Spotify for quite some time now. This is unacceptable to me, and I will cancel my subscription if this practice continues. No hard feelings, but why should I be paying for this experience?

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Dear Spotify, Please stop harassing your Premium users with unwanted ads and Covid information! 


This is the exact same problem I am having and why I came to the Community to search for an answer.  Me thinks the answer is that Spotify wants a way around Ad-free play!  I also plan to leave Spotify if they do not change their ways or provide a valid work around - NOT the 15sec FF right in the middle of a sentence.   How about NO Ads except the ones the podcasters themselves are announcing, since that's what we're paying for!!


I am also SICK of the Blue Covid ticker threaded throughout my podcast playlists.  And it's not on all of my podcasts, just the conservative ones where maybe they are talking about something Spotify disagrees with.  I do not want or need Covid information from Spotify.  You can literally get that information ANYwhere - is nothing sacred?  Stop it, please just stop!


Bumping to highlight the jaw dropping levels of greed on display by this platform

I am a loyal Spotify Premium Subscription podcast listener for the last 3 years. But in June 2023, these same podcasts I have been following opened the floodgates with Automated Ads (streaming ad insertion). 🫤Can't Spotify give podcast listeners less ads with Spotify Premium? I am turning off my paid Premium Subscription after numerous requests to Spotify Customer Service doesn't have the experience to understand that Automated Ads (streaming ad insertion) ruins Podcasts.

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