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[All Platforms] Bookmark Position in an Audiobook or Podcast


[All Platforms] Bookmark Position in an Audiobook or Podcast

I'm still missing a bookmark function in Spotify. When I drive long distance by car I listen to audio books, my son listens to different audio books befor he goes to sleep,  at work I listen to music and at sports to different music. The only way to save my position in the audio books is actually a screenshot. A bookmark would be a very simple function but It would be very comfortable.

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I do have a workaround for this problem [mobile only], although it's not perfect

Go to your playlist/album of your audiobook
If you want to bookmark a book chapter just click the 3 dots and select "hide song" [mobile only]
-> This will grey out this chapter but keep it in the list. You have an easy bookmark without syncing/exporting anything to Google Keep or whatever. Just don't forget to undo this

Any audiobook app has this feature of course, and it keeps those position markers on any audiobook you started of course. Spotify basically has no way of discerning audiobooks from music it seems. I go out of my way NOT to listen to audiobooks on Spotify - I listen to audiobooks EVERY DAY - and have yet to listen to one on Spotify, despite there being a  good selection of titles. DarkMikey's workaround is good but only a hack. You should be able to press pause in an audiobook on your earphones without grabbing the phone and opening the app. And later in the day after you've done hundrets of other things with your phone (including listening to muisic) you should be able to return to the book and pick up where you left.

We still desperately need a bookmark function for audiobooks!!!!!!  I find if funny I can bookmark this page 🙂 

Can’t believe this has been an issue for so long. Spotify team, you need a bookmark feature for audiobooks, this is a basic staple. I just bought my first and now last audiobook on your platform unless we get this basic functionality added unfortunately. 

Yep, bumping for a bookmark feature..

Same. I cannot believe such an obvious feature is still missing. Please add this.

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