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An advertisement just tried to kill me


An advertisement just tried to kill me

I'm driving with a playlist on as background music.


I'm not really paying attention because I'm at a stop sign waiting for an opening to pull onto a major thoroughfare.


Right as I make the turn, a loud truck starts blaring its horn and I immediately begin to panic because I think I just cut off a big rig and am about to get into a major accident.


But not. It's just a **bleep** gas station ad.


Why the **bleep** are things like truck horns and sirens approved to be in these ads?


Why can't I block specific advertisers from showing up? Because I can tell you right now that I'd rather drive 20 miles out of my way for gas than ever stop by a RaceTrac after hearing that ad.


If the only way too avoid ads like that is to get premium, than I'd rather just give my money to any other platform.

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