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Audiobook navigation without bookmarks


Audiobook navigation without bookmarks

Dear all,


Maybe the spotify audiobook is not horrible at all and we are just too stupid to use it right.


I will list my problems here (I am using the android app) and we can find solutions together.


  1. When I am listening to an audiobook, I stop listening to music on that device so I don't lose my progress.
  2. When I do switch to music, because maybe a friend borrows my phone, I lose my progress in an audiobook.
  3. The audiobooks I am reading are huge. I can not count the titles. 
  4. The titles of the audiobooks are very long, I can not see the number of the title when scrolling through hundrets of titles.
  5. I can' remember the number of the title that last played.
  6. I am too lazy to memorize the number of the title each time the app plays the next title.
  7. Sometimes, the spotify app just lost the current song and playlist after launching, so I can not resume and lose progress.
  8. There is no bookmark feature, I can favourite titles but this won't help when trying to navigate to that title in the book playlist.
  9. There is no indication what titles I finished in a playlist.
  10. There are hundrets of people requesting a feature like this but spotify closes the tickes as done and or duplicates.


So, what am I doing wrong? Using spotify for listening to audiobooks seems officially supported, so this can't be it. Please help, mighty community.



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Hey @michie811,


Thanks for providing your feedback on listening to audiobooks on Spotify - we appreciate it 🙂


In order for your ideas for improvement to be considered by Spotify, we suggest that you create an idea in the Community (if a similar one doesn't exist already) by going here.


You can encourage other users to vote for the idea (feel free to include a link in this thread). The more users that vote for the idea, the more likely it is for the idea to be considered and implemented by Spotify.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions about this.



you have not provided a solution to that problem. It sounds more like a auto generated message to mask that the community is dead.

If you don't want feedback, fine. But don't send users on a journey that is hopeless.

Hey @michie811,


Thanks for getting back to us.


As we said, your feedback is appreciated. However, we have a process by which our users submit ideas to the Community so that they can receive kudos from other users.


To read up on how the Idea Exchange works and how your feedback reaches Spotify, make sure to check out this Spotify Answer.


Let us know if anything else is unclear 🙂

Great idea. One solution in the meanwhile is to add the last track you’re listening to in the audiobook to a separate playlist. Then, when you’ve finished listening to music and want to return to the audiobook, you can select the audiobook track from the playlist. Play it. Once you return to the audiobook, you should be able to see where your last listened track is located and continue from there.

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