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Blend ACTUALLY working would be one of the BEST features


Blend ACTUALLY working would be one of the BEST features

For those of you that don't know "Blends" are a playlist that you invite people to and Spotify generates a playlist with music you have been listening to and it prefers songs that overlap between the people added. It's amazing for a different type of music discovery in that I can be listening to music that my friends are listening to these days.


The biggest problem is that it doesn't actually update. What it says it should be doing is updating everyday with songs that you are all listening to. Now Spotify says once you like more music and your listening habits change then the blend should update. But when the blend has like 8 of your songs, why does it need to wait for your listening habits to change when you are listening to music everyday.


PLEASE make this feature work as the description intended. It is much better than having collaborators on a playlist since it automatically rotates songs that your friends are listening to and not what they curate for the playlist because they think others will like.

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