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Bluetooth quality drops randomly (when using Airpods gen 2)


Bluetooth quality drops randomly (when using Airpods gen 2)

Recently I have been noticing an issue regarding playback quality when listening through my Airpods (non-pro gen 2). The issue occurs almost exclusively when I am walking / running outside. For some reason when I am walking thorugh the school halls this problem is not occuring. But for some reason when outside and walking, running, biking, etc, my Airpods will start to chop up and then change the quality of the audio. This tends to start off happening roughly every 30-45 second of playback, but starts to occur more intensely and frequently, being as much as happening every 5 seconds (no I am not exaggerating). This is also making it sound a bit like it's underwater. The low ends seem to be leaking through more and vocals and mid - high end tend to sound filtered and in the background. I have tried changing the audio quality via settings in Spotify, but that hasn't changed the issue. This issue doesn't happen on any other music app so I'm led to believe this is an issue with Spotify. I don't know if this is possibly a problem regarding bit rate or possibly the songs I'm trying to listen to happen to somehow not be cached (this theory is harder to believe in my opinion, but you never know). 

In case these help-

  • App version:
  • Phone system version: Android 11

--Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, even if it's as simple as saying you've experienced this issue, thank you to all! -MilkyWayzz

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