Can’t access Hulu

Can’t access Hulu


I have Premium for Students and that comes with Hulu, when I go to services it tells me I’m already using Hulu, so I click on it and it sends me there but I have to login. Using my Spotify login, it asks me to resubscribe and there is no free Hulu option via Students Premium. So, years ago when I started the Premium, I used a different account to access Hulu with, via my Students subscription. Naturally, after not using Hulu for years, I forgot the sign-in. But, Spotify doesn’t display what account is using that Hulu, only tells me that an account IS using it. Is there no way of recovering it? They don’t have a support system to track this down or deactivate that account for me. The only way of resolving this that I see is for me to start an entire new account. Anybody have a clue?

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