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Can't get adress verified in Premium duo


Can't get adress verified in Premium duo

I tried several times to add my partner to my  Premium Duo membership. I am 100% sure both home adresses are the same but I keep getting errors and asked to try again later.

Could the reason be I just cancelled his Premium membership to add it to mine?

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Hi ~ having the same problem but for ONE YEAR and Spotify "support" is non existent. Don't expect a reimbursement or help. They only take your money. I'm so frustrated, we're hanging up our memberships and switching to Apple music.

I’m having the same problems. I did try several times, even different addresses. Not working! 

Same here but with the family plan. It’s annoying. I have tried everything! Please Spotify help us!!! 

Same problem here. Cannot my son to family membership 

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