Can't login Greenroom/Spotify Live

Can't login Greenroom/Spotify Live

So I wanted to tune in to listen to Swedish House Mafia's album release party through Spotify Live but i couldn't seem to find the feature on my main Spotify app. So I found the stand-alone Spotify Live app but that won't let me login at all, with a warning saying "something went wrong". I currently reside in Turkey so i was wondering if i was region-limited. Thanks in advance. 

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I downloaded it on the play store and when I was going to log in with my Spotify account then it say it something went wrong, then I was thing it maybe needs make a new account for that application.

Same. It used to not work on Android at all, then it worked for a bit, but now it's back to the "Something went wrong" at login. Super frustrating.

I am trying to access a Spotify Live on my MacBook for Johnny Orlando, but I am having trouble logging in

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