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Discover the world of possibilities with Spotify's personalized playlists


Discover the world of possibilities with Spotify's personalized playlists


Spotify is known for its incredible personalized recommendations that help users discover new music and artists. One of the main features are Spotify Mixes, which already includes Mood Mixes, Decades Mixes, and Genre Mixes. Now, the platform is launching Niche Mixes, which goes beyond and offers a listening experience like never before.


Niche Mixes feature a selection of personalized playlists for every moment and mood. Users can choose from various options such as the Feel Good Morning Mix to start the day, the 80's Running Mix to exercise, or the Night Time Mix to relax at night. And the best part is, with tens of thousands of Mixes available, the possibilities are endless.


To access your Niche Mixes, simply navigate to the Made For You hub on the Search tab. There you will find 5 to 10 Mixes that Spotify believes you will enjoy, but if you want to be more specific, you can search for an activity, vibe, or aesthetic that describes the moment you are in and add the word "mix" at the end. Be creative and the more Mixes you explore, the more new music and artists you can discover.


Personalization is the future of music, and Spotify is leading the way with its Mixes. Discover a world of musical possibilities with Niche Mixes and find the perfect playlist for every moment of your life. Enjoy!

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would be good if the spotify dumb **bleep**s didnt remove it from the app

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