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Does "Spotify connect" work right for anyone?


Does "Spotify connect" work right for anyone?

I have literally never had this "feature" work properly, every time I go to start a song on my windows it'll successfully play the song on my suspended android app, but then I can't pause it or switch control to the *local *player for god's sake.


This is ridiculously annoying because it means I have to manually close the android app from suspend CONSTANTLY. And often vice versa, needing to close my windows or linux or browser client all the same in order to use my Android freely.


Plus the app keeps giving me the same pop up on android asking for bluetooth access to do this better, which I keep saying yes to and it does nothing but keep bothering me.


I'm also having severe issues controlling it over home assistant, which I normally would've kept to home assistant's issues, but the functionality is roughly on par with this constantly failing spotify connect issue.


I tried perusing the "ongoing issues" but in addition to that being a bit hidden and not contributable and there being nothing else there, I'm not sure what else to do.


Alternatively, does anyone here also use Apple Music? How does that compare? (Not to sound like an unsatisfied Karen, but, uhhhhhhhhhh, paying billion dollar companies for things that don't work sucks and I'm not gonna pretend it's okay)

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