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Empower a deeper connection with your music


Empower a deeper connection with your music

Your fans will be able to share your lyrics and express their emotions on Spotify.


Take control of your lyrics

Add, edit and sync your lyrics. You’ll have full control over your lyrics and once verified they will be displayed as your official lyrics.




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Still my go-to music app...


(...but I didn't need to write that, it's been known awhile now).


One minor, if not fussy (😅), suggestion for your next software update whose implementation-- or otherwise-- I leave entirely up to y'all:


The lyrics matching feature that Spotify now employs doesn't have a landscape orientation option like the Spotify podcasts' live recordings do, for example: now, I realize how nitpicky that is, but if you can believe it I did happen to be in a situation where that would've helped the situation in a perfect way. 


Reiterating how you def don't have to work on implementing this feature if it doesn't seem feasible and that your doing or not doing so def won't be the make-or-break thing for me to continue/not continue being a loyal fan. I will say though that I'd be very grateful should I at any theoretical point in the future happen upon a similar instance to the aforementioned one, and I just so happened to find that the landscape tilt move on my phone actually yielded the result I'd hoped for. Thank you :))




P.S. (I never explicitly commended the fact that you're now 'powered by Musixmatch'; good on you for doing that btw; back in the day, never mind when where or how long ago, Musixmatch was the first app I fell in love with for its so insularly niche purpose for existing; all to say, I'm appreciative).

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