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Horrible auto playing videos on startup!


Horrible auto playing videos on startup!

So I have the new home screen, and oh. My. God. 


It's AWFUL. I take particular offense to this stupid random video/song that it thinks I'll like blasting out my speakers the second the app starts! I have to turn my volume down before I even open the app now. Sure, I can mute it... Once. Then the next time there's a 50/50 chance that it's going to be unmuted and playing at full volume. Maybe I'm connected to a Bluetooth speaker in my car, maybe I'm connected to a very loud sound system, and I don't remember that this is a feature so it suddenly starts blasting some random song at me and everyone else in the room. Embarrassing at best, infuriating at worst. It's bad enough I've had Spotify for over a decade and the shuffle still doesn't work, now I have to put up with this too? Please do something and get rid of this horrid "feature".


Sincerely, someone who has probably given you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars over the years. 

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Yup. I was just contacting support in hopes they had an auto-mute button that I couldn't find in the settings. Unfortunately nope, they sent a link for this community forum to complain about it on here. 


I really hate this new feature and hope they discontinue it. I shouldn't have to mute my phone before I open the app that I use to play music off of. I don't mind recommended media but don't shove it down my throat, otherwise I'm less likely to even check them out. Overall, if random media continues to auto play every time I open the app, I likely will switch to a different music service. So come on Spotify, fix this asap


As for other things I dislike about this new Home page:

1) The suggestions used to be better and actually relevant to the artists I listen to. But now it just looks like a bunch of unappealing ads when I open the app up. I'm paying for premium so give me a premium experience. Save the irrelevant ads for users using the free version.


 2) What I liked about the old Home page was, before any new recommendations, it would show you updates/news about the artists you follow. For example, if they released new music it would be the first thing shown to you when you opened the app. Which is what I expected today when I opened the app because I knew Post Malone released a new song. I scrolled and scrolled through the new Home page but it wasn't there. I had to search for it to find it, which is easy enough to do, but if I didn't know he released new music then I wouldn't have known to search for it. If I'm following an artist, then show me relevant news to the artist when I open the app. Or get rid of suggestions all together because what's the point? I'm following someone so I want to see things relevant to them before I see anything else.

Please change it back! No app should automatically play noise upon start up without a permanent mute option. 

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