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How to undo disliking an artist?


How to undo disliking an artist?

I've hit "I don't like this artist" instead of "I don't like this song" and now they will not show up again in my Release Radar playlist. How can this be undone? 


3 Replies

I'm having the opposite problem. I've disliked an artist and it keeps reappearing every week in my Release Radar. It would be nice if Spotify allowed us to check which artists we have "disliked" so we could edit.

Hey @spanac - good question.

Just to confirm, is the issue here that you don't know how/are unable to undo the "I don't like this artist" option, or that, even after undoing it, the artist still doesn't appear in your Release Radar?

The only way that I've found and know (so far), is searching for that artist and removing the dislike manually. I've also seen that you can find the "disliked" artists using the app, under Your Library > Artists and scrolling all the way down but it hasn't worked/shown up for me personally. 

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