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If we must have the social media feed homepage, can the sound not autoplay on scroll?


If we must have the social media feed homepage, can the sound not autoplay on scroll?

I do not like the social media feed style homepage, but if we are going to have it, can the sound not auto play as soon as I scroll on the home page? I don’t want to be jump-scared a foot in the air by whatever song Spotify happens to recommend me every time I open Spotify and accidentally scroll on the homepage. It is very easy to accidentally scroll and trigger the sound when doing many things, such as trying to go to the search section. I want my music app to play the specific sounds/songs I tell it to, not randomly surprise me. In addition to it being surprising, if you are out in public or maybe with a sleeping child, you do not want your phone to play sounds you don’t expect. If there could be a toggle for this in the settings, maybe in the playback section or similar, that would be great!

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Exactly this. I'm sick of getting jump scared everytime I open the app and it screams at me with the loudest song it can find. I mute it but it never sticks, there's no settings option to stop it. Not to mention its using people's data on stuff they don't care about. 

It's even worse than that, even if you're actively listening to music, going to the home page will stop the music you have chosen to listen to, and start autoplaying whatever is in the massive video tile there. This is beyond a joke!

This is total joke…automatically playing song and podcasts I don’t want to hear…Spotify is now unusable and it needs to be fixed or I have to unsubscribe.

The same on my side. I'm afraid of clicking the home button now, because the behaviour is unexpected. I used to look at Spotify's recommendations but I will certainly stop now. Beside the loud unexpected autoplay the tiles are just too big and animating them makes me feel I'm using TikTok and not want to listen to some music. I cannot quickly scroll to choose a recommended section but I need to check virtually all the tiles and listen to 0.5second-long sound when another tile becomes active. Something went wrong here, guys. I do propose the magic "rollback" button in your pipelines 😉

Please don’t merge this in the main dumpster fire thread, community team. This is a completely separate problem to the new “experience” as a whole. You can not, full stop, have autoplaying audio in your app with no option to turn it off or mute by default. 

No. The comprise that was made to wait until touch input is registered before playing is not a solution either. That just delays the embarrassment of blasting whatever pop chart garbage to a few seconds later. 

I really don’t need much from this app. I just need it to take my money and play music when I tell it to play it. For as long as it’s not gonna let me do that, I’m not going to be paying for it

The new feed **bleep**, but the autoplay in the FEED makes it even worse.  My mute will stick as long as I am only switching out.  If I fully close out of the app then mute will reset. We should still vote out the new home feed too but this autoplay is a BUG not a feature.

I have deleted major apps for uncontrolled audio playing in the past.  

Managers at media companies love auto play because they believe "it drives engagement". The people who actually use streaming apps hate 'em. But at least nowadays video streaming services have either stopped using "auto play video" features or have options to turn**bleep** off.  It's crazy that Spotify is suddenly pushing this outdated concept.

Come on Spotify! Get rid of this scrolling feature now!!!

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