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Import iTunes Playlist


Import iTunes Playlist

I know this has been asked before as like 2013, but that is some time ago and doesn't apply anymore.


Spotify suggests four external sites to convert iTunes playlists to Spotify, but none of them is working.


  • does not answer, but has been timing out in the browser for days now.
  • Ily failes, even it is a two songs playlist XML file (or a CSV file export). It also complains if the list is too long like 3000+ songs XML file
  • Unify explains that "Unify is no longer compatible with the current version of Spotify. We're working on an update. Please come back soon."
  • Soundliz keeps spinning the progress wheel after logging in to Spotify and drag'n'dropping the two song XML playlist file (or CSV file export)

How can I import a 3000+ songs iTunes playlist to Spotify (latest iTunes version for Mac)?

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If you're referring to the detailed method that I explained earlier that involves moving your iTunes library files to another computer, that method does work for songs that are not in Spotify's catalog, because it pulls all the titles from your local files.

UPDATE: looks like I was mistaken. You do have to copy the actual files over in addition to the library xml file. So basically move everything entirely to another computer. What a pain. It seems like an easy fix for Spotify: when the user clicks on import>iTunes, it should prompt the user to browse for the location of the iTunes music library.xml file. For some reason on some computers it simply doesn't respond, even if the xml file is in it's default location. Sorry if I caused you any inconvenience...

Now there is an alternative way: The Windows 10 UWP app Playlist Converter can also import M3U playlists and even iTunes library files...

Thanks for the info. I imagine they probably updated their software and worked out the kinks by now. Will give it another try.


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