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JRE not updating in Georgia


JRE not updating in Georgia

I've tried it all, got premium, tried clearing my cache, tried both desktop and mobile apps, but for some strange reason my JRE and Lex Friedman podcasts are not updating since Jan 5 2023.

Strangely i still can listen to other episodes, before Jan 5 (Dave Portnoy episode is the last one I can see) do any of you have similar problems. 

I tried to change the country but could not do it, even with using vpn

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I am from Nairobi, Kenya, and i have the same issue, the last episode I can see or listen to is the David Portnoy one which was on the 5th of Jan. I cannot see anything after that. I also have premium, also tried everything from re-installing, clear cache etc.

Exact same problem here in Trinidad. I know people who have deleted their account and made a new one with the US as their country have gotten the newer episodes. No response from Spotify as to why some locations aren't updating 

Same for me in Macau

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