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Liked Songs on Artist’s Page Changed to Liked Releases


Liked Songs on Artist’s Page Changed to Liked Releases

My Spotify app on my phone recently changed the Liked Songs on an artist’s page to “You Liked” which now has random songs I’ve liked and liked releases. So now instead of listening to all the music I’ve liked from an artist, I have to listen by album or go in to each album and individually like each song or create a playlist for a single artist. I miss years ago when the artist section of your library had all the music liked from an artist. And I’ve recently been listening to Spotify on desktop which is exponentially worse now. I can’t even listen to liked songs on desktop. Spotify has gotten worse and worse over the years but somehow they have outdone themselves. I am seriously considering moving to a new streaming platform.

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I made a community account just to complain about THIS exact change they've recently made. It would take too much time to like EVERY song of all albums and EP's I've liked over the years. Why would they do such a shitty change?

I’m going back to Apple Music over this change. Shuffling the albums I like is my primary way of listening to artists. I honestly thought it was some sort of bug in my app until I had a chat with support and was told it’s a “feature” they’re testing. Imagine taking away something as basic as being able to shuffle play the albums you like from an artist and calling it a feature! 

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