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Liked songs button is gone, new mobile app experience is disappointing


Liked songs button is gone, new mobile app experience is disappointing



Listening to this app for 9 years, and loving it until the latest update.  As a user, the only interaction I could take with songs was eighter adding to a list or liking it. Now one of them is removed like it's nothing, and most of my Spotify mobile app experience is now ruined.


- New feature gives a green icon to all songs in the list, even if they are not liked. This is extremely misleading 

- What is the advantage of new icon if all the songs in the list are already in that list? Now all the songs in list are just looking same. 

- I cannot navigate through my existing lists anymore, I don't remember all the songs or artist names in electronic music subgenres, and liked songs help to navigate through long lists. 

- I don't want to separate my list, I just want to highlight some songs in the list. So I can manage the same playlist queue. 

These experiences were already there, now they are removed without considering user experience. 

All these years, the like button was the main user action, removing the main interaction button without replacing its features is just disappointing. 

I don't think many people will even bother to give you this feedback, but I love Spotify I want to make it clear to the product team. This new update has been by far my worst experience with Spotify.  

Hope you acknowledge the mistake and solve it. 

Just bring the like button back


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Desktop - Ideal version.JPG
Mobile APP IoS - They all look same.JPG
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Have you tried checking the three dots besides the song on mobile to see if it still shows there, that you liked a song? 


I experience my likes not showing up in playlists (besides liked songs) when they're listed or playing, but opening the song menu usually reassures me unless i actually deleted a song from my likes by accident. 


If they seriously removed that feature now too, keep on ignoring users and keep destroying the mobile app even more (wth is songs stopping bc of that godawful home page even if that bs is MUTE) I'm gonna take my business elsewhere, because I'm just about done with Spotify. 

Ever since I switched to premium, my individual likes for an artist disappeared. I would routinely just play my likes for an artist, now I can't.  Can I still have that done without creating a play list for like songs by artist? Thanks.

Yup. It's an issue. I swear Spotify is the king of rolling out updates that are half-baked. 



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