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List of all the flaws of Spotify.


List of all the flaws of Spotify.

Heres is a list of all the things i dislike about spotify.

This list will be updated as I continue to use spotify.
Hopefully the mods arent malicious and wont close this.
i feel they will though because they dont have a good history of being able to handle opinions or criticisms from customers.

•It never plays new music.
•It always suggests music i hate.
•Can't choose what i want to see.
•I dont listen to audio books, so why cant i choose not see them?
•Why when i make a playlist thats is intentionally different, after 10 songs, you start playing all the same songs ive heard 1000 times?
•The new interface is a mix between tiktok and discord.. bad.
•My Discovery is never music i listen too. Pop is trash. i listen to actual music.
•Cant add my liked songs to playlist or make it public for others to see.
•WHY does the desktop app not play radio stations in the same way the mobile app does? desktop will play 15 songs, then repeat them. mobile will continue to play..
•Spotify doesnt listen to their paying customers (customer for 10 years, 4 years with this account because spotify made a huge mistake a few years back and cant recover my account for some reason lol.

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Hey there!


Cant add my liked songs to playlist or make it public for others to see.

There's an old idea about this in the Idea Exchange. You can vote for it, if you'd like. No promises that will make Spotify reconsider.


However, you can publish your liked songs to a playlist in the Desktop app by selecting all of your songs (Control/Command + A) and adding them to a playlist. I recommend sorting your library to Date Added, Oldest to Newest. This will make it easier to update the playlist without remaking it every time. At least, this is what I do.


I don't have a comment on anything else you mentioned, but I do agree with you on many points.


Have a good one!

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