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Multi artist/genre Radio Station


Multi artist/genre Radio Station

I am super new with Spotify so I apologize if this is a noob question.


I listen to Spotify Radio.  I love it.  I dislike having to create my own playlists.  I just want to hit play...thumb up....thumb down...etc.  I noticed there wasn't a way to just "Play All Radio Stations" so I started to do some research.  I found, I think, that if you create a playlist, and then create a station off the playlist, you could "in theroy", create a muti-artist/genre station.


Here is what I did:

  • I created a station with 10 country songs, and 10 top 40 songs.
  •  Then I created a playlist off this.

When i listen to the station I get either all top 40 songs or country songs, but I never get a blend of the two.  What am I doing wrong?


Thank you for your help!

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Just to be clear, I skipped 20-30 songs to see if I could get a song from the other genre to play, and still nothing.  I also closed the application and restarted it.  In addition, I tried both a Windows 7 PC, an android phone (s3), and android tablet (nexus 7) and all had the same issue.


Thanks again.



The easiest way to create a multi-genre radio station is to create a radio station of a mixed playlists. Is that what you did? (Sorry if i misunderstood you)

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I did.  I created a playlist of 20 songs that I like.  10 Top 40 and 10 country.  Once this was done, I used "Start Playlist Radio" option.  Is this correct?  Should I have done something different?

Oh good, that is correct. The radio station should now select songs based on the genres in your playlist. But this isn't happening?

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It isn't.  I just launched the station.  I skipped through 40 songs and I am only getting one genre, country.  With half being top 40 and half being country, you would think I would get at least one top 40 song.  I have even tried removing the radio station and re-addng it back in.  I even skipped the fat client and created the station from the web interface and still nothing =(


I just can't figure out what I am doing wrong.  Thank you again for your assistancde Christoffer!  I would love to get to the bottom of this.

That is weird, what happens if you thumbs down instead of skipping?

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I "Thumbs Down" 10 consecutive contry songs and each time was presented with a new contry song.  Strange right?  

This is very strange. Not sure what it could be actually. Only suggestion i have now is a clean reinstallation.

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Ok.  Here is what I did.


I uninstalled.


Went to the web player and removed all of my radio stations.

I logged out of the web version and back in and all my stations are gone.

I logged into the desktop version and it appears all of my stations are still there and I can't delete them.


Maybe a sync issue from the desktop?  What do you think?

That seems like a sync issue. In the desktop application is there now 'X' when you hover over a radio station? Also what Spotify version are you using?

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That is exactly the issue I was having.  I was trying to delete the stations from the desktop app and there wasn't any X's.  I have exited and logged out of the desktop app and left it closed for a while.   When i reopened, all of my stations are gone, per my request.  


Spotify version


 It still does act like maybe a sync issue.  When i try to add new stations, they won't appear right away.    Other than a full reinstall, which i have done, is there any other ways to correct sync issues?

I decided to make a playlist on my android tablet and use it to start a radio station. I added 5 country songs and 5 top 40 songs. I added the 5 top 40 songs first then the 5 country songs. I only get country songs from the radio station. even after 20 songs. This, at minimum, shows it isn't a Windows installation issue.

Any ideas? It can't be me doing something wrong right? Why am I not getting a mix of music?

It does pose the question, is the radio algorithm deciding what "genre" you want to listen to based on the tracks in the playlist, then loading content based on that rather than using each track as seeds like Pandora does.

Radio has sadly never been Spotify's best feature. I've sometimes found if I listen for long enough, it will eventually change genre's, but that could be random!

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This has to be a bug Peter, right?  I had Pandora for many....many years.  There were times that I would get 5-10 songs in a row from the same genre.  Did I like it, no.  But it is bound to happen.  But when we are talking 40-50 consecutive songs from the same genre, this can't be right.  At this point I have created at least 4 seperate playlists with varying number of tracks.  I have created 2 on the windows client, 1 on the web player, and 1 on my android device.  All have had the exact same issues.  Each one of them only plays 1 genre of music.


I love spotify!  I played around with grooveshark, google music, beats, slacker.  I have been extremely impressed with everything I have seen with spotify.  It really is an amazing product!  I was disappointed when there wasn't a "quick mix" of sorts.  As soon as I saw you could create a station based upon a playlist I thought "Problem solved!".  Without this critical feature working, I don't know how I could possibly stick with spotify =(

Same issue here. I'd love to be able to hear a radio station with alt rock, classic rock, 80's, and hip hop.  It just doesn't appear possible with Spotify.  I'd love to hear if anyone has a work around or if Spotify is planning to work on this. 


Right now my work around is Pandora.  This is super easy and effective on Pandora.  But the lack of unlimited skips drives me crazy.  Plus I'm paying for premium on both services.

Okay, I just dropped 4 different songs by 4 different artists into a playlist and then started a radio station and the 1st song was Fleetwood Mac, NOT one of the artists.   To quote one of the included artists, what kind of fookery is this?

That is what should happen though, the radio algorithm uses those tracks as seeds, it doesn't mean that is the only content it will play though.

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I have the same experience. I have a playlist with 20 songs--classic rock (The Who), British Punk (Clash), miscellanious brit rock (The Kinks), alt rock (Violent Femmes), electrionic (Chromatics), indie pop (Tennis), classic pop (Andy Williams)... very diverse. I have 1 Astrud Gilberto song.


Guess what spotify radio plays for the playlist? That's right. 20+ Gilberto songs. The whole family, too! Astrud, Bebel, Joao. Don't get me wrong they are great, but I want a more diverse radio, not the same 3 artists.


This has been my experience:

On the chromeOS app

On Windows 7 using Desktop Spotify App

In browser (Chrome) on Windows 7


It seems pretty clear that it just doesn't work; there are a lot of people who have this issue.


Does anyone want to chime in who does *NOT* have this issue?

streever if you find an answer to this mystery I would be thrilled!


I really....really enjoy Spotify.  Such amazing features.  However......the application not being capble of performing such a vital functions is so frustrating.  I would like as much, if not more, if I could just play multiple radio stations together.  The individual stations I have created for a single genre are amazing!  


If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong....or something different I could try, I am all ears.  I promise.  I just can't stand listening to 8 hours (while I work) of the same type of music.  I also don't want to have to constantly switch radio stations.

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