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My home screen updated yesterday, and it as l is absolutely atrocious! How do I change it back?


My home screen updated yesterday, and it as l is absolutely atrocious! How do I change it back?

I have an apple phone, not sure if that matters.  The old screen had all my favorites, plus suggestions in a very organized horizontal scroll feature (think Netflix).  Now it's one continuous vertical video screen showing things I'd NEVER listen to, all my favorites are gone, and all the suggested lineups are gone.  I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS!!!!!  How do I go back to the old version?  If I can't, I'm considering unsubscribing this disorganized mess, it's so hard to use.  

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this happened to me, as well. I've chatted with two different agents from spotify and they told me it's basically a beta test, and may or may not stay that way. I've been a user for 10 years and have never been so disappointed with the app. 

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I hate the new interface so much. I don't know if I will keep my Spotify subscription if they keep it this way. I love Spotify but this new social media/feed style homepage is so bad. Makes the app almost unusable. 

I absolutely hate this new vertical scroll nonsense, too. I miss being able to have so many options available at my fingertips... selections I've chosen in the past as well as Spotify's recommendations. Now I can only search directly or have to scroll forever, one suggestion at a time... so I don't even bother. What a dumb idea, it was perfectly fine before. Already have my Apple Music trial going. If Spotify doesn't change it back to the proven format I will most certainly be cancelling my subscription. How disrespectful of their users to force this on us. 

I did the update on my wife and was shocked at what I saw. Does all this feed **bleep** have to be in Spotify now???
Completely confusing and you are slain by the videos.
I will not update any other devices until this is gone.
What are you thinking rolling this out without also making it turnable.
We pay your salaries and revenue!
Do you want us to switch to Apple, Deezer & Co?

I'm really annoyed and the whole family uses it via a family plan!

It’s completely insulting that they did this to paid subscription customers, without any option to opt out or revert. If they want to test something, ask! Also, if you’re forcibly testing some un-proven format, test it on the free accounts! Don’t harass your paying customers! So frustrated with this…

Agreed, this horrible new UI is unusable and a total failure. Obviously designed by someone who doesn't use Spotify to listen to music and simply doesn't give a damn about the users. Probably time to look at Qobuz or Tidal.

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