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New Features new SERIOUS adjustments

New Features new SERIOUS adjustments

Some of the new Spotify features need to be fixed. To start, GET RID OF SMART SHUFFLE! It’s SO infuriating, and Spotify has tried so many other ways of “adding suggested songs to playlists” and they’ve all received backlash. Why keep trying? Almost nobody likes the feature and should be removed as soon as possible.

Additionally, the heart-button-to-plus is iffy, but I think it can be fixed in a way to make everyone happy. What most people like about it is that they can easily add a song to multiple playlists, but are frustrated over the loss of the heart button on the song menu and in the playlists. I think the simplest fix wild be to bring back the heart/liked button as it was, but when choosing the “add to playlist” option in the dot menu, give you the option to add to multiple. It keeps the best of all worlds and respond to general feedback in all the best ways. 
I also think a way to regulate these massive changes before making them so definite is by giving users options to beta-test some features for 24-48 hours, then answers polls on them, all things that can just be pop-ups in the app. That way changes can be revised before changing so much so fast and making people so upset. 

All just my ideas and opinions, but they seem pretty popular and common, and the more people that complain and give feedback, the more likely it is that they will change things, so if you agree please speak up!

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