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New Interface?

New Interface?

Sorry but this new "tiktok-like" interface is so ugly. Spotify needs to realise that a familiar design on one app absolutely doesn't work for others. It doesn't "promote discovery" and honestly just makes me feel less inclined to scroll through hundreds of what looks like Stories to find new music. It's an absolute eyesore and an assault on the ears to scroll through.

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Recently updated my app and now it is un usable in its current state. It is a pile of hot garbage and is pushing things that I do not have any interest in. I would prefer the older format that is more convenient and superior to any other format Spotify has rolled out. I think it is feeble minded of Spotify to roll out layout changes with no options to revert to the original or previous format. If this is not rectified soon I will be forced to switch to a different streaming app. As well as cancel my subscription.

In the same boat. New homescreen is absolute trash. Been using app for 7 years and considering a change if its not fixed. 

Hey there!

Thank you for sharing your feedback about this. At the moment, there is no way to revert to previous versions of the Spotify application. There's more information about why the app changes here.


In the meantime, if you would like to access your personalized playlists, you can go to Search > Made For You. From there, you'll access the entire hub of daily mixes, Discover Weekly, etc. 


Thank you again for sharing your feedback about this and I'll make sure to pass it on to the right folks.

Let me know if you need anything else!

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 Having to search while I'm driving for something that should be there to begin with makes so much since. Jeez, crack team of designers you got there.  




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A couple weeks ago, I got a Spotify that rendered the home screen on mobile obsolete in that it only shows recommendations in 1 (one) giant album cover that takes up the entire screen (why). In the two weeks that I've had the update, I have never once used it, and it is incredibly unfriendly for users. It took something great and made it pointless. Why did you make it harder to discover new music? It's really upsetting to me, and I hope they revert this change.

Hi @seanmccarthy0305


The home screen design is an ongoing experiment by Spotify. There is currently no way to opt-out or return back to the previous layout.

Check out this thread to provide feedback.


In March, Spotify replaced the heart icon with a plus in the Now Playing view in the Spotify mobile app. This change will come to other devices at a later time.

Check out this blog post to learn more.





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The new homescreen change is so completely UN-user friendly, I'm seriously considering cancelling my Premium account. I have to scroll for ages to find anything that even relates to what I normally do or want to listen to. Having no way to revert to the previous UI is a grave mistake on Spotify's part.

Yup, app is garbage now.  Weird that they can leave desktop app alone (and functional) but turn the app into a steaming pile of poo.


FYI you CAN access the browser version of Spotify from your phone's browser.  It's not as clean as the app used to be, but is 10000x better than the current app.  I still have a few weeks left on my monthly subscription (I just canceled) and plan to use that instead of the app while I migrate to a new service. 

My Spotify app recently update and I have a new Home Screen. Yay for me. It now has these “cards” with recommendations. Cool. Unfortunately they auto play and are not muted by default so as soon as I start my app it starts playing audio. I HATE that. I can’t even find a setting to turn that off. I just want them muted by default is that so much to ask? Even Netflix has a setting to turn their godawful previews off. Please help.

The new mobile home page is bad.  I use spotify for audio.  Now the home page is six boxes of things I like and then an endless scroll of HUGE video boxes.  I don't want video.  I want to get to the content quickly.  Small static icons are so much more convenient for finding content.  This isn't tik tok.

Agree. This is horrible. Not only is it these huge boxes but should you choose to scroll down them IT TURNS YOUR MUSIC OFF! 




On a music app looking through the UI turns your music off!?


You can't make**bleep** up. 


Change it back ASAP

The new homescreen I've been seeing stalls constantly and only lets me see one thing (album/playlist/song) at a time, making the process of getting anywhere incredibly tedious as well as an eyesore. Is there a way to change it back so it doesn't look like instagram reels or tiktok.

As the title says, I've been using Spotify for over 6 years. I'm top 1% of their listeners in the US (according to my 2022 recap). I've used it almost constantly over that 6 year period. I have it on at work, I have it on when I'm gaming, I sometimes have it on when I'm falling asleep. I've used it for school projects, I've used it to organize playlists for events, I've used it to share music with others.


This UI mobile update is so terrible that I'm going to try out Apple Music by the end of the day. Before, all my "Made for Me" things were in one spot - I don't know where any of them are now. I don't care about Popular New Releases or Popular Albums right now when they land nowhere near my music tastes and I've never listened to the artist before. I have to scroll past playlist after playlist to get *anything* of possible value, where before everything was categorized in a way that made sense and it was easy to find what I care about.

It's very obvious that Spotify is just trying to copy TikTok's and others' style. Those apps work with that because there's a massive visual component to keeping the users engaged. That's why Spotify is adding videos so much to their stuff, to try and engage that visual side and keep people looking at the app longer. But Spotify isn't meant for that, it never was. They're taking it into a direction that works for apps that are designed for that. I just want to listen to my music, and I've been doing that successfully and consistently with Spotify for over half a decade now. It sucks that that's going to end like this, but unless stuff is shifted back, I see no reason to keep using the app, and I imagine a LOT of other users are in this camp as well.

This really is one of the few systems I've used consistently over the years, and I don't want to walk, but I really don't see another way of showing disapproval than not using the platform, and commenting on these forums. Gotta vote with our wallets.

Completely agree! The new mobile interface is terrible. Not only do I not care about the videos, I don't want them. I want music. Sometimes I want to see lyrics. I NEVER want to see video while I'm listening or browsing on spotify. 


I feel like it's made finding new music harder. I have to endure videos and music interruption to explore? 

I don't appreciate the autoplay hijacking whatever is currently playing, and I really don't like that I can't turn off the videos. I don't want random videos stopping me from listening to music when I'm working with limited bandwidth. I do not like the trend of Spotify shoving content in my face.

Same here... awful 'feature'. Makes me wanna stop using spotify. Really annoying that you can't mute by default. Fix ASAP please!!!!

This is a music/podcast app, not tiktok. I don't want to be endlessly scrolling through Spotify rec clips that take up the whole screen. I just want to listen to my music and pods and MAYBE look at recs. That's it. Now I'm getting artists I don't listen to all over my screen that are obviously ads disguised as recs. I know who Karol G is, I don't need an "algorithm" to shove it in my face. What's worse is that simply scrolling through those story clips on my homepage trying to find where everything went made those "recommended" artists show up on the recently played artists in my profile?? This is a really slimy way to advertise on a supposedly ad-free premium service. At least give us the option to go back to the old layout

They need to change it back asap!! It's not just ugly, it's extremely annoying that it autoplays music. I can't believe anyone thought this was a good idea.

Completely agree. This needs to be changed back asap. I was shocked when I opened Spotify today. You can't browse in peace. It's outrageous.

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