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New "Friends" Button Disappeared in Mobile App...


New "Friends" Button Disappeared in Mobile App...

A couple of weeks ago, I updated my Spotify mobile app (iOS) and found a new tab at the bottom next to my Library called “Friends.” It had 5 songs that were trending in my group of friends I follow on Spotify. I loved that new feature. It was different than just seeing songs that individual friends were listening to in real time like is featured in the desktop app. 


I was prompted to update my mobile app version yesterday and found that the newest version does not have this feature. Is there any way to get this older version back? I read elsewhere that perhaps I was one of the lucky ones who was randomly assigned to test that new feature. Does anyone know if this will soon become a permanent feature? It’s great for finding new songs and also seeing how my friends’ song selections match one another. It adds a sense of communal listening, even more than just seeing individual songs that each of my friends is listening to.

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Same I had it too, and mine just disappeared today also. I really enjoyed having it and being able to see what my friends were listening to from a mobile device, so seeing that it disappeared led me to think there was a problem with my phone or the app. If we were testers it would've helped to be notified that we are, so when these features get pulled we aren't just left in the dark.

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