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On A Paid Subscription Plan - Spotify Is Now *Advertising* To Me


On A Paid Subscription Plan - Spotify Is Now *Advertising* To Me

On a paid subscription plan, Spotify has started advertising to me. This breaks the subscription agreement in which I'm paying to not have ads. Two example screenshots attached. A separate, 3rd audio ad this morning was broadcast about Spotify books. Please stop these and fix them immediately. Thank you.

Spotify ad 1.png
Spotify ad 2.png
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This is a Spotify podcast. Those have ads no matter what subscription you’re on.

Yes, I'm REALLY **bleep** off about it. It's been happening since the beggining of this week and I would like an official response from Spotify because this violates the purpose of buying a premium subscription. This happened to me today on a chill/ relax 2 minute podcast - it had a 30 second ad from Instagram. I HATE IT and want it fixed asap

Yep. They're providing some ripe tripe about 'podcasts'.

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