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Personal Playlist Pictures


Personal Playlist Pictures

I created a playlist with the songs i like. Anyone knows if i can change the picture of the playlist? Right now it shows a mosaic with some artists from the playlist.


I wanna change the picture, may i?



Thanks to any help.

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No, there is no way to upload your own playlist covers I'm afraid. Be sure to add your support to this idea though:

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Hey there.


I'm glad you are interested about editing your playlist images.


Currently this option is available only for Spotify, labels and other commercial accounts (like playlist sharing services). They can also add a text/links to playlist. Only image change system is currently also available for most super users here in Community. Text can be added if superusers contact Spotify. Sadly currently this option is no in use in other accounts.



thank u 4 the info. 😄


@rdmfitness This is something I would love to see introduced for all users as well. The only way you can currently achieve this (that I know of) is to join the Community Rock Star program (2 links below) and get active in the community to become a Rock Star. Once you have this status, you can preview new features before anyone else, including custom artwork for your playlists.


Hope this helps! Good luck.


Rock Star Program Info:


Google Doc Sign Up Sheet:




sadly there is no current way to upload personalised playlist photos. hopefully they integrate it soon!!

I was able to do this before, now that I've made a new account I'm unable to? I never signed up for the "Rockstar Program" on my old account either.

I was able to do this before, now that I've made a new account I'm unable to? I never signed up for the "Rockstar Program" on my old account either. (This is from my new account)

Unfortunately this is a feature that only certain accounts have. It might come the day it is able for all acounts!! 😉 You never know!! 

no, curently there is not this option for playlists, but considering spotify and if the community demand for it grows i would expect them to add this feature

sadly, i dont think personal playlist covers are for all accounts but i do think the rockstar account application would be worth a shot filling out & you might be able to unlock that feature.
google doc link : *Link Removed.*

Thx for the tips m8 will give it a shot

sadly this feuture isn't yet added and I havn't heard anything about it bieng added in the future. I would like to see it as well tho. Maybe they could do it for spotify premium users?

when you sign up for rockstar do you get it straight away or do you have to wait a bit?

I Believe some people can get personal playlist pictures through joining and participating in the 'Spotify community Rock Star Program' which is a program rewarding community contributors for their work with early access betas and gear. More about the program here;

Good Luck!


I have heard of this being possible with the new Spotify update on Windows. It's a different version that iOS/Android hasn't released yet. Hopefully they will soon! I'd love to be able to add a custom pictures for my playlists. Aside from this, what you can do now is pick 4 album covers you like, and drag them to the top of your playlist to create an "art" look. Hopefully this helps!

it's a good idea , thank u

rockstar account could help????

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