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Personal Playlist Pictures


Personal Playlist Pictures

I created a playlist with the songs i like. Anyone knows if i can change the picture of the playlist? Right now it shows a mosaic with some artists from the playlist.


I wanna change the picture, may i?



Thanks to any help.

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As they have mentioned. 


do the rockstar thing + go support the article about it in the community


Hey Guys!

I'm Ethan a Spotify Rockstar and Talent Scout. I've just seen this post and just thought I'd let you know about something,


This might be a simple soloution:


If you join the Spotify Rockstar Program you would need to rank up the levels and work hard to get to trying these exclusive features! If you still feel this would be good for you! We look foward to seeing your application using the link you've all be sharing!


Have a good week ahead!


Spotify Rockstar and Talent Scout 🙂

You need to be a rockstar !

This feature isn't available to all rockstars!

you can also be a brand!!


I think you can do it if you are a rockstar member

You need to become à spotify rockstar

The rockstar program seems to provide the option of changing your playlist photo as well as other features. 🙂

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