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Personal Playlist Pictures


Personal Playlist Pictures

I created a playlist with the songs i like. Anyone knows if i can change the picture of the playlist? Right now it shows a mosaic with some artists from the playlist.


I wanna change the picture, may i?



Thanks to any help.

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At the moment, sadly there is no way you can change your playlist photo unless you apply and get accepted for the Spotify RockStar Program.


Hope This Helps!



Yeah the boys,

hopefully this feature will happen for me too, I'm interested in the rock star thing 🙂

I don't think you can this feature is only for a few persons. Sorry

You might be able to do this by signing up for the Rockstar program, here's a link:

Create a Rockstar account!! 🙂

You need to be in the rock star program you can get in by filling in a google form :))

Do the rockstar account thing

no feature like this

Only way around this would be with the Rock Star Program 🙂 
Fill out an application here;

You can apply for the Rock Star Program 🙂

You have to use the rockstar program

Use this program! 

you'll have to wait, but not long

I listened about creating a Rockstar account, there you can chenge your playlist's picture

Yeah, I just found this out too. If you fill out the Rock Star Program Google fourm, then you should be able too!


They're all right. You hav to create a Rockstar account, and fill out the form.

Yeah i think the rockstar programme will help

try checking your settings or that rockstar thing

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