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Playlist suddenly not showing on my 'Discovered On' or my S4A stats since yesterday


Playlist suddenly not showing on my 'Discovered On' or my S4A stats since yesterday

For some reason a very active list that I'm in has stopped appearing on my Discovered On, and stats aren't showing either since the last update. Anyone know about this?

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For some reasons, some people are believing it is because some of the songs on your lists may have been on loop and Spotify is trying to discourage that. Or maybe some of the songs are seen to be performing fraudulent streams 

Hey Gold, thanks for the response, I understand Spotify working against anything fraudulent and taking down anything botted/fake, but this is a list from a verified account which I've been paid royalties out for before.

Hey, thanks for the response! For some reason my reply didn't upload. Strange, I totally agree with working against fraudulent activity but this is a playlist from a verified Spotify profile. 

Hey HappyApe,


Don't listen to what Gold said, he obviously doesn't know what he is talking about. The same thing that happened yesterday to your list happened to thousands of other lists, included some lists from Filtr (owned by Sony Music) which is obviously 100% legit. This is a bug, let's wait for Spotify to solve it.

Hey Glixya, ahh that makes me reassured and yes I noticed even some of the biggest lists from Filtr and other labels aren't showing either. We shall wait 🙂

I have also noticed. The requests are also piling up on Twitter. Perhaps it would be good if Spotify (e.g. via Spotify for Artists) communicates an up-to-date status.

I set up a playlist called Discovered on… and have been adding tracks over several years. I had no idea that anyone else was listening to it, or indeed that anyone else had the permission to listen to it! I changed the name of it this morning. I don't mind anyone sharing it but, if we are talking about the same playlist - if not it seems like an amazing coincidence - it's just a revelation to me. If you don't mind telling me a bit more about yourself and your reasons for tuning into my playlist, I'll give you the new name

Same thing happened to me yesterday. Did your playlist come back to normal after a few days?

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