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Put new rules for song length

Put new rules for song length



It is time to put a minimum song length of 1 minute. A load of people are taking benefit of the platform to simply pull royalty from a shitload of different stuff like whitenoise, rain sounds etc. While I have no problems with this, the problem arise when they make the songs 31 sec and they generate huge amount of streams.


A good new rule would be to still keep the 30 sec for a stream, BUT to only allow music with 1 minute or more (or maybe even 1.30). That would get rid of a lot of those that try to manipulate the system and getting inappropriate amount of streams.

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Hello @Arvid2,


Well, if you really want to see this change, you can try letting Spotify Customer Support know! Alternatively, you can also go to Spotify Community's Idea Forum and share your idea. If similar people agree, other people can vote and Spotify will then decide.


If this answer doesn't satisfy you, let Spotify Customer Support know!


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