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Release Radar filled with trash I'm not following


Release Radar filled with trash I'm not following

First we lost the notification bell on Windows client, so I started to use the Release Radar to follow the releases of the artists I enjoy and it was good for a while. But lately my Release Radar folder is getting filled with trash that from artists I'm not following and that I don't even want to know. Why is this happening? How can I set the Release Radar to play only new tracks from artists I'm following? This is getting crazy again. It's really hard to use the awful Spotify software always forcing trash into our paid accounts.

3 Replies

This website is great:

shows new releases from artists you follow, links to the spotify web interface for that track/album.

Simple, efficient, with various settings to configure it to work how you like. Spotify UI designers would obviously be horrified by such ideas.

Oh! Great! Some good soul is doing the work that the incompetents at Spotify can't do.

Thanks for the suggestion. I wish I had an alternative Spotify player for windows too.

I have the same issue with a Alonestar/Jethro Sheeran (Ed's brother) which I blocked so many times, but every week he is just on there again collaborating with a different artist

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