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Revert the terrible new user interface on Desktops ASAP


Revert the terrible new user interface on Desktops ASAP

Dear fellow Spotify users,


I am absolutely livid about the new user interface that Spotify has recently implemented. Not only does it look visually unappealing, but it also lacks crucial features that we have all come to rely on, such as personalized recommendations.

It's a disgrace that Spotify has chosen to prioritize "aesthetics" over functionality. The new interface is cluttered and confusing, making it harder for users to navigate and find the music they want to listen to. It's as if Spotify didn't bother to test their new interface with actual users before releasing it to the public.

But what really grinds my gears is the absence of personalized recommendations. How am I supposed to discover new artists and songs if Spotify doesn't recommend them to me based on my listening history? This was one of the features that made Spotify stand out from the competition, and now it's gone.

I don't know about you, but I rely on Spotify to get me through my day. Whether I'm at work, at the gym, or just relaxing at home, music is a crucial part of my life. And now Spotify has made it harder for me to enjoy my music with this terrible new interface.

I urge all of you to join me in expressing our dissatisfaction with this new update. We need to let Spotify know that we won't stand for a user interface that is both ugly and lacking in features. We deserve better, and we need to demand it.

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And now I have to navigate down a page to see sub-folders, then navigate back again to top level? wth is wrong with collapsable folders, this isn't a f-king webpage, it's an app! 30 years of heuristics out the door eh? What happened to User-centered design?

Absolutely agree, it's such a pain to navigate now.

I'd like to share what I wrote to another thread:

" I so much agree to this! I've managed to prevent the updates to this day, because the old version  is so much better, but now they force them to shut down. It makes me outrageously sad, depressed, hopeless, frustrated and angry. I've been diagnosed with asperger syndrome, which means my neurological system is less open to constant changes than "normal people" and if things aren't where they should be, it ruins my life compeletely. Spotify PLEASE let us use the old versions. Don't drive us to piracy! I've been a paying premium customer from the year 2009. But this latest disabling of the older versions might be the final reason to cancel my subscription and it might drive me deeper into depression and farther away from the society."

Another shocking thing:
The lack of reaction from the official Spotify authorities!

Go back in history :
2018: positive vote and implementation of many useful features requested by the community.
2023: disappearance of all these features and all customization in total disregard of the community.

On the other hand: advertising revenue (even for premium), have never been so flourishing!

Agreed with all these points, but Spotify doesn't care. There's a thread about the messed up Shuffle play which has 80+ pages and is literally years old, with hundreds of upvotes, and Spotify has done nothing about it.


This entire forum, and all of the Ideas Exchange, is a sham. Nothing ever gets implemented. It just gives you a false sense that you're actually interacting with Spotify and that they're listening. They are not. It's all smoke and mirrors. I say that as someone who has tried for years in an honest effort to get constructive changes and a dialog going, and it's always been ignored. 


Speak with your wallet and cancel the service. Don't support them. Plain and simple.

Well, this new UI is not only terrible looking, it works terribly, too. I'm having issues with it locking up in Windows 11 (no issues apart from the terrible ui design on my win 10 cpu). The freezes are so bad you can't even ctr-alt-del your way out, you just have to do a full shut-down/restart. Terrible. Just terrible. Spotify must have the most incompetent developers in the industry. The fact they've been at it this long suggests the management above them sucks, too. Add all this to the fact that they have zero customer service because they have these forums they can just continue to ignore. Sub cancelled. 

i've had a spotify account since i used to need a uk proxy because it wasn't legal in the us yet and this update is making me seriously consider switching. the careful organization of playlist placement is something i've had going since the eighth grade, and is the primary reason i never switched to apple music. the way spotify is constantly trying to be algorithmic and friend based is the exact opposite of what i want from a music platform. i don't use instagram, i don't use tiktok, i don't use facebook. why would i want any of this.

I tried to give the new mac app UI some time to see if this was a "moved the cheese" kind of frustration vs just a worse design overall, and after daily active use I'm surprised to say... I'm struggling to see how this made it out of mock ups.

Likewise. It has no redeeming qualities. I spoke to the family and we all agreed that Spotify has become borderline unusable to us. Library management is a big deal to us. So I've cancelled the family plan we've switched to Apple Music. There are services that can migrate playlists and they worked well for us.

The redesign is so bad that it has been mentioned in two work meetings now. I think a lot of people are mystified at the decisions Spotify is taking. I mean, to remove the library section of all sections, and replace it with some finicky tabs in the list of playlists is beyond comprehension. All joy involved with having a music library is reduced to zero.

It's been over 6 weeks now, and so far Spotify doesn't seem to give a damn about our feedback.  I'm stopping my Spotify Premium subscription which I've had since 2015, and switching to Tidal.  Both the recent app UI change and the fact that after all these years Spotify "Hifi" is still MIA are pushing me to do it.  And the fact that Spotify doesn't seem to consider our complains as valid is the final nail in the coffin there.


Keep in mind - the one entity you'll NEVER see respond in ANY of these threads is.... Spotify.

That's why they have threads instead of customer service. They can just ignore the threads.

Ant that new version is so damn slow. Takes 4-5 seconds to react on any click, absolutly a disgrace and a reason to cancel the account after nearly 10 years.

Yes, it's also slow. It's horrible. I have a family member that does not want me to cancel. Otherwise I have done it by now.


Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 00.04.01.png



Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 00.21.06.png




I literally just stared at my desktop version for a solid minute and thought, 'this is so ugly and overdone'. It bothered me enough to find this thread. On top of Spotify hiking prices soon, it seriously has me reconsidering platforms. They implemented the change for the sake of change alone, disregarding how impractical it is. It's visually overwhelming, and I'm doing way more clicking to get to what I need to compared to previous updates. I'm reminded of the saying "Keep it simple, stupid." 2012 Spotify was AMAZING and a life-saver for those who relied on it to fill long hours. I regret installing the new interface. Instead of making your loyal users mad, might I suggest adding a 'classic' mode. Anything but this New Coke version of what was once a fantastic service. 2023 Spotify is definitely downhill, time to stop resting on those laurels.

Same I'm on my phone and I can no longer skip to a certain point in my fav song (new romantics by taylor swift is a masterpiece) and it's very annoying that I also can't turn off shuffle. I also search for a song and I select it but it plays other songs. CHANGE IT BACK

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