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Shuffle is repeating the same songs on a large playlist


Shuffle is repeating the same songs on a large playlist

I've got a large playlist called My Drawing Jams (40+ hours)and I've turned off the selective playlist option for shuffle but every time I go through 5+ songs it will repeat the same songs in the same order. Repeat option is off and every time I remove the repeated songs from the que they re-appear inexplicably a few songs later.

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same thing is happening to me. i've been using my playlist for years and it only just started happening this week!

I am having the same issue and I’m so sick of it….I’m ready to ditch Spotify. 

Does anyone have a fix?

Having the same issue, very annoying, started today

Fairly sure it's the latest update. Reverted back to an earlier apk from early December (had it on another device that didn't auto update) and I am finally sane again...not listening to the same songs over and over again)



I have a playlist ( with >600 songs. However, when shuffling, I have gotten the same 50 or so songs over and over again. I was curious, so I ran a little experiment and found that of 20 shuffles on different days and times - so regardless of whatever algorithm chooses to play relaxing songs at night - I got the song "Stay" by Palaye Royale and "That Girl" by Emei in every single one of my shuffles within the first 50 songs in the queue. Of over 600 songs, I don't think that's likely?
I really like large playlists and hate small specific ones. Is there any way (without splitting my playlist) to circumvent the algorithm and play randomly? Thanks!

Still happening to me in June 2023.

July 1st, and I can no longer even find any option to disable repeat songs. I have a playlist with over 100 songs, and the first two songs were the same song. Was hoping for some find some sanity here. I hate Hate HATE this. It seams like a small ask and a simple solution. 

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