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Spotify Does Not Recognize Bose Speaker as Bluetooth


Spotify Does Not Recognize Bose Speaker as Bluetooth

Why doesn't Spotify recognize Bose speaker on Bluetooth from Macbook Pro?

It used to in previous versions.  It does from my Android, but not the Macbook Pro.

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This might be a stupid question, but does the macbook pro itself recognize the bluetooth headphones? In my opinion there is no separate setting in the spotify where you could choose the audio output. Spotify uses the default audio device. 

Unless you are directing audio to another device like computer, phone or television. For example, you adjust the spotify on your phone, but direct the sound to come through your computer.

So you should check if you have paired your headset with the mac book pro. If you have, then you should check if you can hear sound from the headphones when watching for example youtube videos.

If you can, then spotify might be the problem here, but you should check those steps first.


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