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Spotify Wrapped Availability


Spotify Wrapped Availability

Good Morning,


I’m pretty upset to find out that spotify took away the availability for Spotify Wrapped in my region (The Bahamas) with no warning or announcement after having it be available to us since it’s inception. I have received my Spotify wrapped every year, while living and being registered in The Bahamas. 
Not only this, but there are many persons here who HAVE received their own so this seems to be selective and inconsistent across the board. I would like to know what went into this decision and how is/will it be rectified. 
When reaching out to Customer Service reps, some of my friends were not given the ‘not available in your region’ excuse but were told rather ‘you have not listened to enough artists for the year’ which is completely bogus.

Spotify has a huge amount of followers and users here in The Bahamas and to see the carelessness and lack of consideration or concern is really disappointing. Most of us were expectantly waiting on our Spotify Wrapped with no indication that this  year it would never come.

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I pay for Spotify in Ghana. Premium family account yet I don’t get the full Spotify wrapped experience that others do. 

I get the rates are different but it still seems unfair considering there are other concessions made. 

Spotify wrapped is not working in SriLanka.

But last year it worked. What happened?

I’m extremely disappointed with this!

Spotify wrapped is not available in some countries like Sri Lanka. I've waited so long to get wrapped status but when I contacted Spotify

They told me it's not available in my region. I'm really hoping to see Spotify wrapped next year. Please activate wrapped for our countries too. Thank you. 

Same, Please send help!


I received an email to check my spotify wrapped 2022. I only got a playlist, and not the stories. Then the playlist disappeared. When I reached out to Spotify support, I was told wrapped is not available in my region. Why is that??????!!!!!

Why this feature of the app is banned in this country? I think that if you can pay for the service you need to receive all the service you pay and that also means the feature of Spotify wrapped

I got this too 😞

Plan: Premium

Device: Samsung Galaxy A02

Location: Uganda

App version:


My Spotify Wrapped story hasn't appeared this tine around. Initially I had the top 100 songs playlist and then when I clicked on it, it was deleted for some reason (not by me).


I updated the app, uninstalled then reinstalled it, logged in and out, cleared cache but it did nothing. A possible reason that was cited was that some regions may not be eligible including Uganda. I am not the only Spotify user in Uganda who has this problem. It's strange considering that I didn't have this problem last year as shown in the 2nd image.


Another reason cited was that I did not listen to music enough to qualify which I doubt considering that last year when I joined in July and still qualified.


My suggestion would be that if a region/country (not just Uganda) is not eligible or if an individual is ineligible, give a week notice. Don't wait for the day and kill our excitement.






i'm in cambodia and i see a lot of 2022 wrapped not showing among my friends, but like the original post said, it's inconsistent everywhere, a few of my friends did actually get their 2022 wrapped on day one. iirc, 2021 wrapped worked similarly where many ppl were getting delayed wrapped like close to or even after christmas. just hope they won't cancel it altogether this year.. it's super sadge most of the ppl i know who missed out on this are premium subbers too. idk why we're getting treated differently. wrapped is the biggest reason i subbed to spotify for. take away my wrapped, spotify's just another lame streaming service. **bleep**, even apple musicers in my region got their 2022 'replay'

I'm sad, no wrapped 2022 🥹 in Srilanka???

Likewise MK_Severus! I too am in Cambodia and yet to receive mine. I feel robbed as the one thing I actually love about spotify is the yearly stats and playlists. If it wasn't for the other "Your Top Songs of 20xx" playlists that I always listen to, I too would seriously consider going to another generic platform.

I can't help but see it's predominately Africa and Asia that has been omitted. I guess they just care about their EU/NA audiences.

Why do you people show such discrimination against our Sri Lankan people?😠
2021 - Podcast banned

2022 - Wrapped banned

Is it possible to tell what you gonna ban next year? So that we can change to some other who can serve better for what we pay. Totally disappointed 😢 

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