Spotify **bleep**ed up

Spotify **bleep**ed up

The new UI is just terrible
It will cost you users.
It is not in the users interest.

It is just to sell payed 'recommendations'

Tidal is a good altenative


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Your post made me think of something that I think could help your concerns, the community, and the services you pay for from Spotify. 

You made five statements, which is appreciated, but these were opinions or predictions, and didn’t contain facts or data points. 

I think these five statements are all great conversation starters, so I would encourage you to back up the statements with some facts you can stand on and then you’re in business. Make your voice heard by giving your opinions a shot at making an impact. Your ideas are valuable- don’t let them go to waste.


With encouragement,




There's no need for facts.  What matters to Spotify is subscriptions and users, and those two things are driven entirely by users' opinions of the service.


But if we really need facts, here's a few:

  • I canceled my subscription yesterday.
  • Spotify has been uninstalled.
  • Apple Music replaced it.

I'm currently running through existing topics regarding this UI change to state my disappointment.

This is the third I've found. 

I'm sure I'll find more. 

LOL - we need "facts" to point out that we think the new update ruins the Spotify experience for us. Ok, buddy. 

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