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Spotify not connecting to apple watch


Spotify not connecting to apple watch

When I try to play music on the watch it will not connect and just blinks. I press on the album I want to play and it says that I have to connect a Bluetooth device. I can only connect to my phone and play the music from there. Please help!

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Are you using bluetooth headphones to listen music? Have you tried to pair your headphones to your apple watch?

Another option that I think would also work is that you would connect your headphones and apple watch to your phone. Then you should be able to control remotely spotify from your watch even the sound is actually coming trough your phone.

Let me know if you have difficulties to connect your headphones to apple watch or difficulties to connect your apple watch and headphones to your phone. I can try to help. 

If you have already connect them and you still have the same problem then maybe you should try to forget all the bluetooth devices from your watch and phone and restart both devices and then try to connect bluetooth devices back to them.

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