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WJSN deserves "This is WJSN" playlist.


WJSN deserves "This is WJSN" playlist.

WJSN is a 4-years-old kpop group and yet they don't have their own "This Is WJSN" playlist. Of course they deserve it as WJSN is a growing artist right now and always make a perfect album, you can see their songs on spotify always hit more than millions.


They recently released their 9th Mini Album called 'Neverland' with the title track 'Butterfly'. They already have 1 full album called 'Happy Moment' with the title track "Happy", they also have 7th Mini Albums =
1st Mini Album : 'Would You Like?' with the title track 'MoMoMo'
2nd Mini Album : 'The Secret' with the title track 'Secret'
3rd Mini Album : 'From.WJSN' with the title track 'I Wish'
4th Mini Album : 'Dream your Dream' with the title track 'Dreams Come True'
5th Mini Album : 'WJ Please' with thetitle

 track 'Save Me Save You'
6th Mini Album : 'WJ Stay' with the title track 'La La Love',
7th Mini Album or their first summer special album : "From the Summer' with the title track 'Boogie Up'.
8th Mini Album : 'As You Wish' with the title track 'As You Wish'

From 1st to 4th mini album, their title track  always have 2 version both in korean and chinese. In total, there are already 65 songs. Plus they have a special collaboration songs, first is 'Kiss Me' a collaboration with a makeup brand then the second one is 'It's A Good Time' a collaboration with Disney for Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary but sadly Spotify don't put this song.


I think with "This Is WJSN" playlist, they'll have more chance to get their songs known and the fans (Ujung) can listen to WJSN's songs on repeat and besides, I'm hoping and looking forward to this. Thank you so much.

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Hey there @guardiangelic!

I hope you are well, Spotify perodically adds and removes these playlists and review a wide range of Artists, Groups and Bnads to create one of these playlists on. Unfortunately I can't tell you if or when this could happen however I'll pass your feedback to the right teams for consideration in the future.


I have found a non-spotify one which might do in the meantime which you can check out here.


Keep Safe,


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